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10 hours

For small companies with big dreams

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14 hours

For small companies aspiring to become mid-sized

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28 hours

For those who dream about their successes and need a solid partner to realise their dreams

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For those who dream about their successes and need a solid partner to realise their dreams

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All plans include

dedicated hours of consults with our expert consultants who will assist you in organising your sales and marketing efforts.

Ongoing analysis of your processes

We help you analyse your metrics and together we lead to achieving clearly justifiable results

Business recommendations

All of the recommended activities are based on your company’s KPI and their sole purpose is to improve your business results

Recurring meetings

We propose cooperation in the form of weekly meetings in which we discuss subsequent steps and activities which we then carry out together.

Expert team performance

When you purchase our services you gain access to the experience and knowledge of all the experts on board of our company.

What clients say about our work

We get the most satisfaction from satisfied clients, who see the actual influence of our work on their growth:

Casbeg has greatly contributed to our development. Unexpectedly, their perceptions of what we should not have done were as valuable as the detailed, continuous feedback on what we should do. Thanks to cooperation with them, we obtained much more information and data. I will never look at sales and marketing again as separate.

Paweł Bykowski


Casbeg has helped us align marketing and sales efforts. That helped us generate more valuable leads and focus on the opportunities that are most valuable for us. The big thing is that they understand the whole process and provide you with a list of actionable steps that are applicable fast.

Matt Kurleto


I like thinking about Casbeg as a personal trainer in the business. Thanks to them I am taking great care on sales and marketing every single week. Although I am a CEO who’s originated from these two fields, I love being double-checked by them and let them look at hands of mine and my team. They keep an eye on our every activity and give me extra confidence what to do and what not to do. My team has a great pleasure working with them, as Casbeg helps to improve their skills. I am glad that we have an opportunity to work with Casbeg and hope this will last long!

Monika Mikowska

Mobee Dick

When I was working with Casbeg, I noticed most of all the professionalism, work organization and proactive attitude in every aspect of our cooperation. If we had a scheduled date for anything specific – delivering materials or having a meeting – it would always stay intact. Every arrangement and discussed point was always taken down in detail, and after each consulting session I would get a full and accurate summary.

Artur Ozierański


We appreciate Casbeg for setting specific goals in various fields (analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, conversions, SEO), insightful analytics, punctuality and sticking to the exact time of meetings as well as sending comprehensive summaries after each of them.

Tomasz Muter

Droids on Roids

Casbeg has filled the market niche in supporting small and medium companies in the area of comprehensive marketing. This is an extremely successful idea that I really enjoy using. Consultants have the knowledge and experience that I can get in small doses suited to my company’s needs.

Monika Sacewicz

Apex Net

Casbeg helped me define points that need improvement in my company – our cooperation helped me organize the work of the sales department. Together, we have developed sales processes in such a way that the salesteam work better and the company operates more efficiently.

Szymon Wiechrzycki


The cooperation with Casbeg changed how I think about the sales process and lead qualification – there’s room for improvement I didn’t see before. It is fair to say I have changed everything, from CRM to offer and the way I present it. Results are almost immediate and visible with more leads, higher conversion, faster lead qualification and more efficient work in general. Apart from sales, I see a lot a lot of business value generated by the cooperation with Casbeg, like practical support in company development processes and crucial changes. Working with Casbeg is one of the best things that happened to my business in 2018.

Robert Stolarczyk

Promo Traffic

Casbeg team has helped me systematize sales and marketing in Netkata. From a perspective of 8 months of cooperation, I can honestly recommend them.

Tom Sieroń


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