How we work

Casbeg provides sales and marketing consulting services for small and medium businesses. We work remotely to save our clients time and money. We analyze your situation and recommend improvements and new initiatives in your sales and marketing so that you could make more money. We make sure the methods you adapt are suitable for your clients, team size and budget. It’s safe to say that we can solve most marketing and sales challenges a B2B company can face. Our subscription gives you the unlimited access to our team within the subscription tiers. Check pricing here.

Our consultants advise you regarding


  • Supporting sales team building
  • Shortening time to generate proposals
  • Sales pitches preparation
  • Improving pricings, margins and business profitability
  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Enhancing or establishing the sales process
  • Sales workshops
  • Establishing the communication flow with prospects
  • Sales team assessment
  • Sales offer assessment
  • Identifying and fixing leaks in your pipeline
  • Mystery shopping tests


  • Marketers coaching
  • Marketing vendors assessment
  • Reasonable budget spending
  • Marketing channels selection
  • Search and remarketing campaigns analysis
  • Keywords research
  • Marketing campaigns feedback
  • Setting new promotion channels
  • Internet visibility analysis
  • Website design recommendations
  • Assistance in recruitment for marketing positions
  • Supporting agile development of marketing processes
  • Setting marketing strategy priorities

Lead Generation

  • Lead forms assessment
  • Lead generation ideas
  • Conversion measurement
  • Prospecting methods
  • Planning lead generation strategy steps
  • Choosing right prospects to reach out and contacting them
  • Lead prioritization
  • Lead source diversification
  • International expansion assistance
  • Lead generation and qualification support
  • Lead source segmentation
  • Analyzing potential and existing lead generation channels
  • Determining buyer personas