The first salesman in the space industry hired within 2 months – Scanway case study

Scanway is a company specializing in 3D measurements, vision systems, image processing, and remote sensing. It turns space technologies into useful and profitable solutions in terrestrial industrial applications.


Scanway came to us with the need to hire a Sales Director. It was supposed to be the first salesperson in the company, because the only people involved in sales were the co-founders. Due to the specificity of the space industry and its beginner level in Poland, there was a risk that we wouldn’t find a suitable candidate for such a position. After analyzing the situation, we decided to employ a person who had more in common with a Sales Engineer instead of a Sales Director.


At the beginning, we analyzed the needs of Scanway and diagnosed what sales competencies are missing in the company. We created the profile of an ideal candidate and recruitment advertisement, which we then distributed in several channels, including job search websites along with the client’s and Casbeg consultants’ networks.

After Casbeg performed the second round of recruitment interviews, we decided to hire a candidate who had previously worked in a company cooperating with Scanway. The main advantage was the industry know-how and an extensive network of contacts. The entire recruitment process lasted just over 2 months.


Thanks to working in the industrial sector and an extensive network of contacts, the newly hired salesperson generated a large number of new leads in the first months of work at Scanway, which effectively filled the sales funnel and then led to increased sales.


The first salesperson in the company is very important because his practices will later affect the work of more salespeople. After hiring, we’ve also helped the client with the onboarding process. It involved the preparation of a monthly action plan, including consulting regarding the use of sales tools and sales process optimization. Today, the salesperson in question is a completely independent employee.


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