The increase in generated leads and sales in MTA Digital

MTA Digital is a 30-person performance marketing agency from Poznań. It specialises in paid campaigns on the Google advertising network, Facebook Ads, Web Analytics and SEO support. MTA operates in a business model where the specialists are responsible for both implementing the customers’ campaigns and dealing with leads.


Due to the lack of a structured sales process, the MTA founders:

  • had the impression that leads were lost in the process,
  • thought that potential customers were waiting a long time for a quotation,
  • felt that they weren’t supporting the specialists in the sales part enough, and best practices weren’t spreading across the organisation as quickly as they should.

Creating and implementing quality standards of the conducted sales depending on the lead’s potential and adjusting the new system to MTA’s business model were the greatest challenges within our cooperation.


The first step towards completing those challenges was implementing a sales management system. Given the size of MTA’s sales department and the monthly number of RfQs, we suggested a specific tool and developed a unified manner of its use for all employees.

As part of the second step, we conducted a sales proposal audit. We made sure that it covered all data relevant to the customers while being understandable and clear. At the same time, we eliminated the information which was of relatively little significance but considerably prolonged the proposal creation time.

We also conducted mystery shopping which verified the salespeople’s real-life work – only the company’s founders knew about this project. We identified areas to be improved within direct lead management which means the time and manner of response to RfQs as well as the process of business negotiations with a potential customer.


Introducing CRM and standardising the sales process made the lead management process properly controllable while all RfQs are responded to and contact is made quickly – which is particularly difficult when leads are managed by specialists who also work on conducting campaigns.

Thanks to the mystery shopping audit, we managed to find out who had trouble with the implementation of best practices and support the part of the team which needed extra attention.

Auditing the sales proposal allowed shortening the proposal creation time and making the proposals more visually and substantively attractive.

These factors have directly affected sales metrics:

case study
case study


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