The increase in revenues and number of transactions in Milano-eQ

Milano-eQ is a B2B online shop whose offer aims at hairdressing and beauty salons. Its range consists of, above all, furniture and appliances necessary in a hairdresser’s or cosmetologist’s job. The offer also includes barber furniture and custom-made furniture.


The Casbeg team’s challenge at the beginning of cooperation was to increase the shop sales and improve its conversion rate as well as enhance the shop usability – which would translate into greater comfort of use for the user. The sales level was not satisfactory to the shop owners while the limitations associated with a fairly small amount of analytical tools being used and analysed prevented quick identification of the problem.


In the initial phase of cooperation, we focused on the analysis of the existing shop sales data.

We started by checking the previously used marketing channels and ways of reaching the customer to determine which of them required more work and which could be eliminated, thus allowing the transfer of their budget to more functional channels.

We decided to thoroughly investigate the market conditions of the shop through studying the competition thanks to which we created the awareness price and product range of the competition.

The traffic structure within the shop was also analysed which allowed us to acquire a better understanding of the user which was potentially interested in purchasing. What is more, we checked the very products in the shop – their description and the entire structure of product cards.
Additionally, we performed a price analysis of the fastest-moving consumer good indexes in comparison with the direct as well as substitute competition to see how the Milano pricing policy positioned the shop among the competition.


The priority was to configure Google Analytics – setting goals and filters as well as the correct implementation of the e-commerce report. The data obtained in this manner helped within the next steps in defining the best channels for acquiring traffic and sales in a given time.

We recommended increasing activities in the channels bringing the greatest revenues in the shop so far, so we were able to reduce expenses and improve ROI.

In the meantime, we joined forces to launch campaigns on Google Ads. The first type of campaign which was offered to Milano-eQ was the Merchant Center campaign which allowed displaying products from the shop directly in the Google search engine. Alongside this campaign, another one was launched to promote specific product categories.

After analysing the shop, we came to the conclusion that it was not user-friendly. We decided to check it with user behaviour tracking tools and we collected data from the so-called “heat maps”. Thanks to this, we discovered on what steps the users abandoned the purchase as well as which page elements were its weak points – e.g. the cookies notification displayed incorrectly when viewing the product page.

In addition to the shop traffic, we decided to check the quality of customer service which has a huge impact on customer experience and the assessment of the transaction. We conducted the so-called “mystery shopping” and made a purchase in the shop. Thanks to the trial purchase, we could check not only the efficiency of the sales process but also the quality of customer service as well as the manner and form of packaging and shipping of the product.

In addition, the activities in the field of social media were increased – because this specific channel showed a lot of sales potential. After Casbeg’s recommendation, a shop was opened on Facebook, paid and organic actions were taken to a greater extent – thanks to them, Milano-eQ started receiving more and more requests for products using the Facebook communicator, thereby being able to improve their sales results. Within the cooperation, it was recommended to employ a social media agency which started working with Milano-eQ at the end of 2018.

Price comparison websites were another channel which began to be used and developed within the scope of our cooperation. Due to relatively inexpensive paid activities within this channel and the promotion of products on category pages, Milano-eQ managed to get very good sales results.

An important point of Casbeg’s cooperation with Milano-eQ was also a comprehensive audit of actions taken on Allegro – from product categories, through product photos and descriptions, to the company information.


The 10 months of Casbeg’s cooperation with Milano-eQ led to 20-fold increase in the number of transactions in the shop – primarily due to the use of channels such as Google Ads and Ceneo as well as reducing the number of abandoned carts. The comparison of the revenues which are currently achieved in the shop and those from the middle of last year shows that they have increased by almost 600%.

case study
case study


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