Business Model Canvas workshops at Makeitright

Makeitright is a company with a diverse range of services and products in its portfolio, present on the market for 8 years, and employs over 150 specialists. The organization is trusted by many Polish financial institutions, with clients such as PKO BP, Santander, BNP Paribas, Generali, Link4, and Compensa.


We already had the opportunity to work with Piotr Kania when he was COO at BinarApps, where we helped build a strong sales department. It’s no wonder then that when he took over the position on the Makeitright board, he asked Casbeg for support to better understand the company’s portfolio.

The goals of the cooperation were:

  • determine the current state of the company’s individual business lines,
  • estimate the profitability they can achieve,
  • identify the necessary activities and resources,
  • define a Unique Value Proposition for each business line,
  • identify business lines that should not be further developed.

The main assumption was the restructuring of the company’s portfolio, which would enable it to reach the expected profitability as soon as possible. To do this, we used the most effective tool in such cases: business model workshops.

Business Model Canvas workshops for each business line from the company’s portfolio

Business Model Canvas workshops allow you to develop a business model for an organization/business line or – as in the case of Makeitright – to look at the current model and refine it so that it starts to bring the expected profits.

We took a closer look at all 4 business lines of the organization:

  • IT specialists outsourcing,
  • BrokerUFG and FlexiBlocks – SaaS tools for insurance companies,
  • RPA solutions enabling robotization and automation of business processes,
  • PrivacyRun – a repository that facilitates data processing in accordance with European (GDPR) and American (CCPA) standards.

We developed 3 of them using the Business Model Canvas workshops, and one – BrokerUFG – with the participation of Lean Canvas, a tool dedicated to creating business models for products.

As part of the workshop:

  • we verified the advancement level of each business line,
  • we established their profit potential,
  • we developed a value proposition for each line,
  • we established a group of recipients and ways of reaching them.

The workshops were a good opportunity to confront different perspectives with each other. It often happens that employees from various departments rarely have the opportunity to exchange insights – the workshops made it possible. Thanks to the exchange of knowledge and experience, it was easier for the company to look at the portfolio of services and products as a whole, taking into account the perspective of the sales department, customer service, and others.

The workshops also allowed us to identify areas for improvement – it turned out that the company lacks the marketing resources necessary to conduct marketing for individual lines. A Marketing Project Manager joined the Makeitright team.

Ultimately, the workshops allowed for the preparation of a roadmap of further activities, both in terms of customer acquisition and sale of services, as well as the further fate of each of the business lines.

What happened after the workshops? Next steps on the example of one of Makeitright’s business lines

Richer in knowledge about the company’s individual products and services and an action plan aimed at increasing their profitability, we got to work.

One of the Makeitright business lines was the BrokerUFG product – a SaaS tool enabling insurance companies to support data supply, handling inquiries, and cooperation with UFG and the Ministry of Digitization. Thanks to the workshops, we were able to identify its strengths and develop a strategy to reach the right audience.

So far, 2 specialists with strong technical skills worked on the development of BrokerUFG. When we helped expand their knowledge with a sales and marketing perspective, sales began to grow. We worked in a system of weekly consultations.

We worked through areas such as:

  • how to support product sales with marketing activities,
  • how to apply the language of benefits,
  • how to design effective landing pages,
  • how to carry out up-selling,
  • how to refresh contact with lost sales opportunities.

We also performed an audit of the sales presentation and supported the creation of landing pages aimed at acquiring customers.


As a result of our cooperation, BrokerUFG, a product which was initially sold only through personal contacts of technical people, quickly became a recognizable business line in the brand’s portfolio.

It is also worth mentioning that BrokerUFG won the first place in the category “The best technological solution in the InsureTech area” during the Fintech Summit Poland 2021 conference – it is a considerable and well-deserved achievement.

BrokerUFG has always been a promising product, but we didn’t know how to talk about it at first. As part of cooperation with Casbeg, we organized the knowledge dispersed in the organization and developed an effective communication strategy. Currently, our PM and the head of the department know how to talk about a product using the language of the client and the language of benefits. We have great sales and marketing materials. There has been a big change in the awareness and perception of our solution on the market – it is now becoming a standard.

Piotr Kania, CEO Makeitright


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