Increased lead generation and sales at Lerta

Lerta is an energy-related company founded in 2015, which, thanks to its proprietary IoT technology supports B2B companies, the public sector and energy businesses in the effective management and optimization of renewable energy production and consumption. Lerta is consistently implementing its vision of a Virtual Power Plant, which automatically adjusts energy supply and demand, managing distributed generation sources and energy consumption in buildings, factories and households.


At the beginning of its activity, Lerta focused on selling solutions to large energy groups, however, in 2019 it implemented services for SMEs and hired one salesperson for this purpose. However, it was difficult for the company to assess his effectiveness due to the small number of newly acquired leads — the company never had a person responsible for lead generation activities before. The challenge was to provide the salesman with enough quality leads so that he would have something to work on and sales in the company would increase. It was necessary to take the right actions in the area of ​​marketing and sales and to time-coordinate everything.


Casbeg’s first step in cooperation with Lert was the sales conversation audit. Thanks to the conclusions and recommendations, the current salesman has improved the effectiveness of sales talks. At the same time, we started the implementation of a marketing plan, which included prioritizing actions that bring noticeable results in a short time. To this end, we’ve prepared a landing page dedicated to the selected service — we’ve developed the content and set up Google Analytics.

In order to gain valuable traffic, we’ve launched a two-channel campaign: an interest-targeted Facebook Ads campaign and a Google campaign. We’ve also created remarketing campaigns in both channels to boost conversions. At the same time, we carried out the second stage of recruitment for the company, which allowed us to accurately verify the experience and sales skills of candidates and hire two new sales representatives.


A PLN 1000 monthly budget for each channel allowed to generate over 100 leads in 3 months, and the conversion increased by 350% comparing the results from the moment of LP creation till now. The implementation of the sales conversation audit results translated to an increase in sales. A large number of generated leads, in addition to the cash flow resulting from the signed contracts allowed also for refining the sales process and onboarding new sales representatives. The company has not only gained a better picture of who its current customers are. It also has learned about the effectiveness and costs of acquiring them in two marketing channels.

Borys Tomala, CEO Borys Tomala, CEO Lerta

Entering the broad B2B market, we were overwhelmed by the number of challenges — recruiting salespeople, designing cooperation rules and ensuring the right number of leads. At the time of cooperation with Casbeg, we had no marketing, which forced the salesman to look for leads on his own. It was also difficult to determine the status of sales opportunities by a chaotically managed CRM.

Casbeg experts have helped us design the process of obtaining leads from inbound and improve outbound activities. In addition, we migrated sales management to a new CRM, and Casbeg helped us increase our sales team and implement their operating and reporting rules. I can safely say that without Casbeg’s help we wouldn’t have implemented such an efficient process that generates an incomparably larger number of leads and sales. I strongly recommend working with this team!


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