Revenue growth through sales organization optimization – IVN case study

ivn casbeg case study

IVN is an interactive agency that supports the achievement of its clients’ business goals by combining marketing with software house services.


Initiating the collaboration

At the outset, IVN collaborated with two consultants from Casbeg – one specializing in sales and the other in marketing. After the initial period, it became evident that sales were the top priority, deserving the full attention of both the company owners and the consultant.

Casbeg recommended hiring a dedicated sales person. This happened and Monika joined the client’s team permanently.

From that point onward, the Casbeg consultant worked intensively with Monika on sales-related matters.


Streamlining the sales funnel

The first task was to streamline the sales funnel. The client was working with CRM Pipedrive, but it required improvement.

The consultant advised and supported the team in developing specific funnel levels. Subsequently, a suitable mailing process was developed and implemented. As a result, depending on the specific stage in the sales process, the client received appropriately automated email messages. 

The next step was to determine which employees should participate in the sales process and have access to CRM.

The consultant consistently supported the client in managerial matters, such as decisions between dedicated solutions and template-based ones.

Monika, under the consultant’s guidance, meticulously and efficiently populated the CRM with the following data:

  • projects sold,
  • those that could be sold,
  • projects that were not sold,
  • synchronous payments,
  • dashboards,
  • invoices

The organized CRM allowed for more precise management and data analysis.


Developing and organizing up-selling and cross-selling processes

To achieve greater sales profits, Casbeg proposed implementing cross-selling and up-selling processes. This turned out to be a good idea that yielded significant profits.

The consultant and Monica developed the entire process from scratch:

  • They created dedicated offers and cost estimates tailored to specific clients.
  • They defined the scope of up-selling and cross-selling activities (offers for Pinterest, SSL certificates, print brokerage, etc.).
  • They conducted a campaign to activate existing clients for new services (e.g., GA4 implementation) through newsletter.

They also took care of the process of upselling services to existing clients – reducing the waiting time for quotes and contact as well as creating dedicated offers.

Since September 2022, thanks to cross-selling and up-selling activities, clear revenue growth is evident in the CRM. The conversion rate averages 14%.


Administrative and HR support

The consultant also supported what was happening within the company, dealing with administrative and HR issues. With her support, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Restructuring contracts to incorporate the option of increasing service prices during collaboration and up-selling.
  • Establishing rules regarding employee vacations.
  • Developing and implementing exit interviews for employees.

Additionally, the client’s team received various templates from Casbeg, including reports created in Google Data Studio and SEO activities.


Ad hoc advice

In addition to achieving long-term goals, the consultant also supports the client with immediate actions. Examples include:

  • Support in creating sales communication materials for IVN clients.
  • Ad hoc consultation on SEO issues.
  • Ad hoc assistance to a specialist in improving results in a campaign for BRW.
  • Consultations regarding the sales of WordPress template-based solutions, which will serve as a more cost-effective alternative for IVN clients (competitive analysis, service scope, and pricing).
  • Support in starting paid marketing activities.

One of the consultant’s completed tasks, of significant importance to the company, was the implementation of a client feedback system – NPS surveys.


Future collaboration goals

The goals that the Casbeg consultant will help achieve in the near future include:

  • Refining how the company appears on Clutch, assisting in obtaining reviews, etc.
  • Establishing active collaboration between Casbeg and the marketing team.
  • Implementing outbound campaigns.
  • Implementing marketing competency frameworks to enable the hiring of a marketing team ready to handle large 360° projects.
  • Initiating harvesting campaigns.

The ongoing collaboration demonstrates that active cooperation yields results, and consultations bring tangible value to the client.


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