Profitability and leads number increase in a company that implements websites — Fooz Case Study

Fooz is a company specializing in working with WordPress, which began its operations in 2013 as a graphic design studio. Despite the profile change and further specialization towards web development, Fooz places great emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of its work. The company creates both simple pages and extensive websites, working mainly as a technology partner for agencies and end customers from Poland and abroad.


Michał Kaźmierczak, the CEO of Fooz, was the only person Due to his involvement in ongoing operations, he lacked time for strategic management of the company and its further development. His goals were: reducing his involvement in sales, acquiring new customers — also on foreign markets, and increasing the profitability of ongoing projects.


In order to delegate sales away from the CEO, it was necessary to improve the sales process. The company lacked many basic sales data such as lead sources, reasons for lost sales opportunities or information on assigned tasks for sales representatives, which made it impossible to introduce changes to the process and increase its efficiency.

At the very beginning of cooperation, we’ve developed a work system with the client in a CRM tool for the proper and regular collection of data. Until now, the CEO qualified leads intuitively, which often didn’t reveal all relevant information that allows for effective assessment whether a given client is worth pursuing. To prevent this, we’ve created a repeatable lead qualification process that contained questions on, among others:

  • customer’s needs
  • customer’s problems
  • project budget
  • the decision maker

The next step in achieving the goals was to support Fooz in recruiting a new employee for sales and customer service department. We participated in recruitment interviews, verifying the skills and competences of individual candidates. However, before the new person joined the team, we prepared an employee onboarding plan with a list of responsibilities and development goals. Thanks to hiring a new employee, we relieved the CEO from initiating the first contact with the client, which led to a significant reduction in inquiry response, as well as from preparation of sales offers, contracts and closing sales.

After changes in sales in terms of the processes we focused on the operations of the team itself. At this point, we already had hard data on the effectiveness of the sales process, reflected in the CRM system.

The analysis of sales conversions showed that the most sales opportunities are lost when the offer is sent. We verified its potential effectiveness by taking into account:

  • length of the offer
  • way of presenting the price
  • presentation of the Fooz service
  • features distinguishing from the competition
  • social evidence
  • visual aspects

Thanks to that, we were able to shorten the offer, increase its credibility thanks to the testimonials of existing customers, simplify the price list and improve the aesthetics.

We also conducted a mystery customer test, thanks to which we diagnosed errors in sales talks and the customer service process:

  • mistakes in lead qualification
  • failure to meet the deadlines agreed upon in the talks
  • mistakes in the way of communication with clients

During our cyclical meetings, we worked on implementing changes to eliminate diagnosed errors and further develop the team’s skills.

The increase in the profitability of ongoing projects required getting a larger number of clients on foreign markets. Another challenge was increasing the number of inquiries and verifying these assumptions.

Until now, there was no marketing plan in Fooz. That’s why we’ve implemented and configured Google Analytics correctly, developed a persona and a content funnel, optimized Google Ads campaigns and launched remarketing in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Each month we verified the current results, introducing the necessary optimization changes based on them.

Together with Fooz, we’ve also launched two cold mailing campaigns:

1) a campaign directed at customers from Poland

2) a campaign directed at customers from abroad (with emphasis on The Great Britain)

Before the start of the campaign, we trained the Fooz team on the proper tools and prepared a send-out plan, taking into account the content of the messages along with the dates of follow-up send-outs.

In the next step, we monitored their progress and optimized the titles and content of sent messages, as well as performance indicators such as: email open rate (OR), click through rate (CTR), positive response rate (PRR) and conversion rate (CR).


Campaigns conducted in Poland resulted in an increase in the number of leads by 10% (2018 vs. 2019). Thanks to their better qualifications and efforts put into the team’s competence development, the profitability of projects carried out in the country increased by 22%. Comprehensive changes in the sales department also led to a shortening of the sales cycle between the stage of offer preparation and contract signing by 30%, which had a significant impact on increasing the profitability of the entire company.

The new person in the team performed as much as 234% more actions in the sales process, such as: the number of conversations with clients, emails sent or offers prepared, and, above all, allowed Fooz CEO to gain more time, which he now devotes to strategic projects, development of the company’s marketing department and acquisition of new foreign clients.

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