Increasing the store’s revenues by 34.48%. Etno Cafe case study

Etno Cafe is a brand well-known among Polish coffee lovers. It’s been gradually expanding its activities for more than a decade, currently focusing on 3 main pillars: coffee roasting plant, coffee brewery and chain of cafés. They gathered plenty loyal customers not only by serving delicious coffee, but also by the values that guide them in business – Etno Cafe supports local initiatves and cares about the the environment. Their products are so good that our CEO drinks mainly their coffee and has Etno Cafe’s stickers on his laptop, right next to the Casbeg ones.


The main goal for the Casbeg team was to increase the revenues of the e-Commerce platform belonging to the brand, and thus give recommendations and implement new customer acquisition channels.

The main areas we were to deal with were:

  • Google Ads account audit,
  • implementation of post-audit corrections,
  • launch and optimization of Google Ads campaigns


Analysis and conclusions from Google Analytics

The Analytics account turned out to be a well of knowledge about how effective individual traffic channels are. After looking at the quality of the data provided, the operation of the Enhanced e-Commerce module and, above all, comparing the collected data with actual sales data, we came to the conclusion that the most important channel we will initially focus on will be Google Ads and campaigns conducted through it.

While we were at it, we also set up some useful remarketing lists, which helped reach people who were interested in the products, but didn’t close the transaction, at a relatively low cost.

During the analysis, we also looked at the analytical codes connected to the website via Google Tag Manager to avoid the duplicate tracking codes problem.

Launching the Google Ads campaign:

After collecting all the necessary data, we started working on launching and editing Google Ads campaigns, which were preceded by determining the appropriate target groups, analyzing keywords, and above all building advertising communication in cooperation with experts from Etno Cafe.

After configuring the accounts correctly, establishing the attribution model and implementing the campaign into the account, we started the cyclical optimization.

The key moment in the entire process was the last quarter of 2020, when we managed to collect enough transaction data to move to a data-driven attribution model, which turned out to be a milestone in scaling sales through the Google Ads channel in the first quarter of 2021.

It is also worth noting that due to the pandemic, we stuck to a fixed budget on the Google Ads channel throughout the whole year of 2020.

Results (Q1 2020 vs. Q1 2021 comparison): 

  • Revenue increased by 34.48%,
  • Conversion rate increased by 1.29 percentage points,
  • Data-driven attribution model was launched.


The case is a reminder that the marketing budget doesn’t always play a key role in scaling e-Commerce sales. Do not forget about the “painstaking work” in optimizing the current acquisition channels and looking for insights that can be transferred between them.

The main goal of the cooperation was to increase the revenues of our e-Commerce platform. Together with Casbeg, we took a look at the current customer acquisition channels, developed ways to optimize them and ideas for new, effective channels that are worth implementing. After introducing the changes recommended by Casbeg, our online sales revenues increased by 34% in the Google Ads channel – we can confidently say that the goal has been achieved.

Zuzanna Zapolska, Head of Digital & E-commerce at Etno Cafe


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