59 B2B leads in one month after setting up a lead generation engine

DSV is an international logistics corporation that was established in Denmark in 1976. It offers comprehensive logistics services to clients around the world.



DSV has a very broad portfolio of services. It has been providing express shipping on the Polish market under the name DSV XPress for more than 2 years. Until now, the organization has been selling the service reactively, offering it primarily to existing clients as a complement to its logistics service package. DSV approached us with the need for support in activating sales of the DSV XPress service in Poland. It is worth noting that until then the product had no separate marketing strategy. We decided to help change that.


Dedicated DSV XPress website

We first identified a problem with the accessibility of the service to potential clients. Due to several limitations of the current site, we recommended creating a dedicated product website on a completely new URL.

This allowed us to gain the following advantages for the project:

  • high flexibility of content publication,
  • site optimization for Web Core Vitals and SEO,
  • visual coherence in line with corporate guidelines,
  • direct management of the lead generation process,
  • implementation of accurate traffic source analytics.

After analyzing DSV’s needs, we recommended opting for a solution based on the popular WordPress platform due to its user-friendly interface and the high availability of specialists and freelancers who could further develop the website in the future. It should be noted that DSV XPress, as one of the many products in DSV’s portfolio, exclusively operates within the structure of the operational department and the majority of tasks, such as website development, are carried out through outsourcing services. Engaging external providers was one of the primary assumptions of the project.

We supported our client in selecting the website developer. We assisted in considering various scenarios and collecting quotations from different companies capable of efficiently and effectively establishing the new website. The website, including all revisions, was created in less than 3 months. 


CRM is fundamental

After a deeper analysis, we managed to establish that the team had been working on an in-house solution that had a range of functionalities beyond the needs of the XPress product. We proposed the implementation and configuration of the Pipedrive CRM tool, which, when properly customized, could provide an effective solution for processes similar to those of DSV. To this end, we divided the implementation into the following stages:

  • creation of the sales process,
  • automation in the sales process,
  • customization of CRM to meet the team’s needs,
  • user training

Through these steps, in addition to the tool implementation itself, we were able to map the process that was functioning within the organization, describe it, and prepare the DSV XPress team members to use the new tool.

This, in turn, led us to find where the sales process typically took the most time. We addressed a good portion of these challenges with automation and notifications that streamline the process where it was most time-consuming.

Another crucial element that completes the overall picture is the correct quality of sales data leading to accurate analytics. Based on properly configured reports, both the team and managers are able to assess the sales situation at a glance and draw appropriate conclusions for further actions.


Traffic acquisition channels

At the point when we knew that the project would have its own website and a customer relationship management system, we decided to examine the issue of generating traffic and, consequently, leads. For this purpose, we divided the work into three pillars:

Organic traffic and SEO

Since, as a rule, organically generated traffic to our website tends to convert the best, we decided to create a plan for publishing articles. Following our recommendation, collaboration was initiated with both copywriters who provided high-quality texts (case studies from previous projects and blog posts) and SEO experts who took care of the technical aspects of the whole project.

Paid traffic – Google Ads

One of the initial actions worth taking when launching a new website is to initiate advertising campaigns within the Google Ads environment. We assisted DSV in finding the right person – a freelancer who would be able to lead the campaign. Moreover, we established all the conditions regarding the structure of the advertising account and the budgets that needed to be allocated for the project.

Cooperation with the external sales support department

We also suggested working with Get Sales, the company in charge of producing B2B leads through outbound marketing initiatives, since they were looking for a speedy start and outcomes. We supported our Client both at the stage of negotiating the terms of cooperation (including addressing issues related to guarantees of the quality of the leads acquired) and consulted on the content and logic of the actions prepared for the campaign.



In the first month since launching the lead generation engine with the support of the Get Sales agency, we acquired 59 B2B leads.


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