Increased leads and new sales at Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids is a software house from Wrocław, Poland that has specialized in creating mobile and web applications since 2011, mainly on the US and UK markets. Over the past 8 years, the company has grown from 2 co-founders and 1 employee to almost 60 people and was already included twice in the Deloitte Fast 50 as one of the quickest growing technology companies in Central Europe.


Along with the rapid development of the company, its new sales needs also increased. At the beginning of 2018, Droids On Roids unexpectedly lost several strategically important customers and the sales funnel was empty.

An analysis of salespeople’s activities showed that the department was inefficient, which contributed to the dissolution of this team. It all came down to a situation in which the CEO was the only person responsible for closing sales.

It was difficult to juggle managing such a large organization with the implementation of ambitious financial plans. Additionally, when the CEO handles sales, the opportunity cost of dealing with lower-quality leads is very high.

The limited capacity of the CEO and the increased costs of employing new specialists meant that despite a great business run, the company went in the red in the first quarter of 2018.

The founders of Droids On Roids decided to take matters into their own hands — they thoroughly analyzed the company’s situation and identified the biggest challenges in marketing and sales. To implement some of them, the founders reached out for Casbeg’s support and we started our cooperation.


The first step we took together to regain profitability and implement financial plans was to organize marketing and sales analytics. We analyzed the data in the CRM, checking each transaction and lead. We were looking for bottlenecks in the sales process and passed our conclusions to the marketing team.

To get to know the customer acquisition channels thoroughly, we decided to integrate CRM with a Google Analytics account. Based on the collected information, we focused most of the marketing budget on the best converting channels, including Google Ads.

To relieve the the CEO from sales duties and let him work on the company, rather than in it, we supported Droids On Roids in search of a candidate for the sales specialist position.


The team’s openness towards new ideas and the thoughtful execution of our agreed-on action plan allowed for a quick turnaround with the results.

Two months after the start of the inbound campaign, the number of leads increased, but their low quality didn’t translate into sales. Thanks to the previous configuration of analytics, we quickly diagnosed the cause: a large part of the leads came from countries with a low conversion probability.

We changed the direction of the marketing campaign and the higher quality of new sales opportunities meant that it was possible to fill the slots for all teams till the end of the quarter in January 2019.

The financial result of the first three months of 2019 surpassed the management’s estimates and the company ended the quarter with a profit balancing the losses that were generated in 2018.

In 6 months, we managed to organize and improve the effectiveness of marketing and sales. Today, closing sales is not only dependent on the CEO -— thanks to the cooperation of Droids On Roids and Casbeg, a dedicated person responsible for closing contracts joined the team.

With a complete team, precise analytics and a pipeline that meets the needs of a larger company, the management can focus on further business development planning

Wojtek Szwajkiewicz

Wojtek Szwajkiewicz, CEO & President Droids On Roids

I recommend Casbeg for helping us in being consistent in our sales actions, introducing the iterative approach in improving our sales process and focusing on the numbers. Decisions based on the analytical data are usually easier to make and in fact, are generating better and predictable results.

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Tomasz Muter, Co-founder & Vice-president Droids On Roids

We appreciate Casbeg for setting specific goals in many fields (Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook Ads, SEO), in-depth analytical observations, punctuality and sticking to meeting times as well as sending relevant summaries.


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