BinarApps is a software house from Lodz, which currently employs over 80 people. They specialize in cooperation with startups and companies in the early stages of development, providing them with solutions related to, among others, mobile and web development. They are co-organizers of the “Blockchain Business” events, which take place regularly throughout Poland.


BinarApps came to us with the need to organize sales processes in the company. Until now, Maciej Krasowski, BinarApps Co-founder, was a person who served as a salesman, account and project manager side by side with a team of specialists, not to speak of his management duties. Because of that, there wasn’t enough time to deal with strategic direction of the company’s development. Therefore, one of our goals was to expand the sales department.


At the very beginning, we focused on recruiting a person who would have experience in sales and would be able to easily manage the role of a sales team manager. We helped BinarApps prepare the ideal candidate profile and a commission model that would be used to reward the new employee. Each application received by the company was assessed by us before the first meeting with BinarApps, and then with the selected candidates, we conducted the second stage of the recruitment interview in order to verify sales and management skills.


After 2 months, we managed to hire a person who had sales experience and was also characterized by high business understanding, thanks to previously running his own company. In addition, one of the testers inside the company who wanted to change his professional profile has been included in the sales structures on the pre-sales position with an individual development path created.

Thanks to this solution, Maciej’s responsibilities have been lightened by a number of administrative tasks in the field of sales management and the time saved can be devoted to the strategic development of BinarApps.


Our cooperation continued with post-recruitment support in the onboarding of two new employees. Together we’ve prepared a 2-month onboarding plan with the applicable KPIs included on a timeline.

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