Revenue and inbound lead growth in a software house. Applover case study

Applover is a Wroclaw-based full-stack digital agency founded in 2016 by a group of technology enthusiasts. The company’s main goal is to create functional and user-friendly digital products. In addition to this, Applover supports its clients through IT consulting and advisory. Applover was recognized by Deloitte as a Rising Star (Fast 50 Tech) in the CEE region in 2019, and was awarded in the main category of the FAST 50 ranking in 2020.



Better analytics enable more accurate conclusions which, in turn, lead to more effective actions. This is the premise that Applover started with when they approached us in June 2020 for support.

It was to include:

  • strengthening analytics in the company,
  • optimization of reporting in the marketing department,
  • improving the quality of leads,
  • making salespeople stop wasting time on leads that won’t turn into clients

Strengthening analytics

The first priority for Applover was analytics. Working based on facts, not assumptions, is crucial – but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also important to collect the right data and then analyze it properly. According to the principle of “garbage in, garbage out,” it’s hard to draw accurate conclusions from poor quality data.

To make sure that such a situation does not happen with Applover, we have improved the configuration of Google Analytics with special attention to the “Goals” section – until then, not all goals were measured. Thanks to these changes, the Applover management can rest assured that all crucial areas for the company are continuously monitored.

We also introduced reporting in the sales department. Previously, information about which channels generate a specific percentage of leads was unclear. As part of our collaboration, we guided the sales team on which indicators to focus on and developed a clear way of reporting to the management


Better lead qualification process

One of the challenges that Applover brought to us was the low quality of leads, causing sales representatives to spend time on attempts to acquire clients who ultimately decided not to collaborate. This message was a clear signal for us: it was time to work on lead qualification.

We quickly noticed that despite implementing a better qualification process, salespeople were not utilizing it – this hypothesis was confirmed by a mystery shopper test. Improvements were necessary. Based on feedback from the sales team, we once again refined the lead qualification rules – the second version proved to be a bullseye. Sales representatives now use it on a daily basis, so they can more quickly identify leads least likely to become clients, and do not waste time handling them.


Inbound and outbound marketing

Staying on the topic of leads, we also supported their acquisition.

When we began our collaboration, Applover was just starting its journey with inbound marketing. With our assistance, it has now become one of the main channels for acquiring the most valuable leads.

To achieve this, we discussed the best practices in the market and selected actions tailored to Applover’s needs. The results? A 200% increase in inbound leads and making inbound one of the main channels supporting other conversions (submitted forms).

We also examined outbound marketing. We optimized campaign content and created new cold mailing and LinkedIn campaigns.


Software house unlike any other

A significant challenge for software houses is the difficulty in building a unique value that distinguishes them from the competition. Without it, companies can easily disappear among hundreds of similar businesses focused on software development. Applover didn’t want to allow this.

The first step in this direction was the Value Proposition workshops conducted by Casbeg, which helped develop two unique versions of the value proposition and a brand claim clearly indicating to recipients that Applover is not just another software house focused on application development. We are currently testing the developed solutions in practice.



  • Revenue growth of almost 300% in 12 months
  • Monthly qualified lead growth of 165%
  • Inbound lead growth at 200%
  • Introduction of lead qualification

Noteworthy is the reduction in the sales cycle duration:

  • on average, by 4 days for inbound marketing,
  • 25 days for outbound marketing,
  • 34 days for networking,
  • 13 days for upselling
revenue growth
inbound lead growth


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