Why can you lose your clients before the first meeting?

At the beginning of the sales process (before the first meeting) the number of leads with…

By Jacek Bartczak

How to take care of your sales process repeatability?

Do you have an impression that effort you put into sales don’t translate into financial results?…

By Michał Sawrycz

How do I prioritize leads?

Have you ever felt that converting some of the qualified leads takes longer than others? Sometimes…

By Jacek Bartczak

How to check your competitor’s Facebook Ads?

Yesterday (28th June, 2018) Facebook announced a new feature that will allow every member of the…

By Magdalena Poprawa

5 Google Analytics functionalities that will improve your work

Google Analytics is one of the most recognizable analytical tools. It collects around 370 metrics, detailed…

By Magdalena Poprawa

How to improve your sales skills

Man is a social being. On the subconscious level, we are able to capture the emotions…

By Michał Sawrycz

How not to waste the best sales opportunities

I am talking so much with my potential clients and yet I get so little new…

By Jacek Bartczak

Your sales team: automatization vs. specialization

Truck drivers are afraid of autonomous cars. Lawyers are afraid of algorithms, shop attendants of online…

By Bartosz Majewski

How the service funnel should look in a CRM?

In a small company with a couple of clients, everyone knows about everything that’s going on….

By Jacek Bartczak

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