What to avoid while preparing a winning sales deck

The article is a continuation of Jacek Bartczak’s article which was published on our blog. It happens…

By Jacek Bartczak

Half a year with the company pricing policy

The article was originally published on LinkedIn in February 2018 by Franciszek Bazyli Georgiew in Polish….

By Franciszek Bazyli Georgiew

9-non selling activities, that stop your sales

When working with customers we see that what interrupts the growth of sales is the attitude…

By Jacek Bartczak

How to generate leads on Facebook?

The article was originally published on arturjablonski.com in Janurary 2018 by Artur Jabłoński in Polish. Many marketers…

By Artur Jabłoński

How to give discounts and not ruin your company

We often encounter discounts in sales. Each discount reduces your margin, that is, deprives you of…

By Jacek Bartczak

We are calculating the rate per hour of agency work

The article was originally published on Medium in December 2016 by Konstantin Kanin and then republished…

By Konstantin Kanin

How to create a winning sales deck?

People digest large amounts of information every day – both on a business and private ground….

By Jacek Bartczak

Obvious business growth blockers that you’re ignoring

I have participated in over 50 consulting projects. The companies I worked with were mainly small…

By Bartosz Majewski

5 negotiation mistakes ZOPA will protect you from

If I were to talk about the most important aspect regarding negotiations, I would enclose it…

By Bartosz Majewski

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