Running company profiles or building a personal brand, you can create your image as an expert in a given field, extend your social network and acquire new customers. How can you find time to balance your presence in social media with running a company, when you can spare only three hours a week?

What content should you publish when you don’t have time?

A part of content that you could post on your profile is already available but you don’t use it. If you don’t have enough free time to personally create refined and engaging content, share what others have created. You probably read the latest articles every day to be up to date with what is happening in your sector.

Some of this content is ideally suited for sharing on your profile. It is quite likely that by adding your comment to this article, you will start a discussion between people like you, who are also interested in this topic. Possibly all of you will come to surprising conclusions. If such a situation occurs regularly, you will develop your image as an expert in a given field and gather more people interested in the topic around your profile.

Perhaps some of these people will become your customers one day. Sometimes it is also a good idea to present a fragment of an e-mail that you have sent to a customer or co-worker and if you conduct exit interviews, you can provide some interesting quotations.

No idea for content? Ask the readers what they want to read

Once you’ve built an audience which acquires knowledge from your regular content shares, let them repay you. Such an audience is an invaluable source of information. Use the fact that you have direct contact with people who are similar to your co-workers or customers. Ask about their needs as it is the easiest way to find out what is missing in the new product that you are preparing. Get their feedback, and you will learn what you can improve as well as what mistakes you should avoid in the future with almost no effort on your part. Analyse trends in your sector, perhaps you will find a new niche that your company could enter.

The company’s daily life — social media isn’t just work

A significant part of our customers time is filled with numerous meetings, business trips and conferences. Each of these events is an opportunity to share the news on what is going on in your company. Taking a photo and tagging an event or a customer/business partner takes a moment, but it will allow you to diversify the content posted on your profile and reach a new audience.

Plan your posts — content calendar

Long-term silence and desperate, poorly planned attempts to overcome it are actions which should be avoided in social media communication. To prevent such situations, plan your releases. The planning and organisation of your activities can be supported by a set of simple and proven tools:

  • Planning your posts — no time to personally publish your post? Use one of many tools for publishing posts at a particular time, on a given day of the week,
  • Listing ideas — thoughts and ideas for a social media discussion come to your mind out of nowhere? Note them down even with the simplest app on your phone,
  • Calendar of important events – gather information about important, previously scheduled events in your company (e.g. launching a new product) and ask for preparing the content of posts along with other materials (e.g. LP, press releases, etc.)
  • Templates and cycles – introduce cycles to your social media management; this kind of posts can be quickly and efficiently prepared based on a pre-created template.

Social media presence can bring a lot of good to your business.

Spend an hour a week publishing the most interesting articles from each morning’s press review along with your comment.

Spend the second hour interacting with the followers — ask questions, respond to comments, stir the discussions.

The third hour is the time meant for organisation — use this time to note down ideas and fill in your calendar of events and releases.

If you haven’t succeeded in finding a second to take care of your virtual profiles so far, you already know how to do it with a minimum investment of time.