Yesterday (28th June, 2018) Facebook announced a new feature that will allow every member of the Facebook community to check ads that Facebook Pages admins are running at the moment. This is a big change, since never before did we have such an opportunity to check other Pages’ ads running now.

So from now on, you can see the ads a Page is running across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook partner network, even if those ads aren’t shown to you specifically. You can do it by logging into Facebook, visiting any Page and selecting “Info and Ads” on the left side of the screen.

facebook competitor ads

You’ll see ad creative and copy, also being able to check which countries are targeted by specific ads and if they make any changes in approaching them. There will also be a possibility to flag anything suspicious by clicking on “Report Ad”.

competitors on facebook

Sounds nice? Well yeah, when it comes to analyzing your competitors’ moves on those platforms. But think about the fact that they will be able to see your ads too – now it’s not so great, is it?

How can that affect you?

For the very start – you can simply check your competitors’ ads – and they can do it with the same ease. It can be a start of copy-paste wars between social media “ninjas” who are not creative enough to write their own copy.

Next comes the ability to estimate your competitor’s budget for social media ads – for example, the amount of ads and number of countries in which ads will display can tell you something.

That may also mean that you can check whether someone has a social media manager – in many cases CEO of the company won’t have neither time nor knowledge to create 5 ads copies and visuals for each country.

It will be a nightmare come true for all the social media managers and marketers who have created their own tone of voice of the company and their original way of communication. Now the fact that you change the copy of ads once per two weeks will be visible to anyone interested. The same goes with an innovative way of advertising – if you are brave enough to start something new and that turns out to be interesting for your competition – you can be sure that after a week or so you will see plenty of ads like yours. Of course, the main barrier in this scenario is the time it will take to actually do it frequently. We are betting that in a month marketers will do it religiously and then everything will go back to the way it was.

What can be helpful – you will see if your competition considers this channel of paid marketing important or not. If they’ve been running ads there for the last 3 months, still creating new ones – you can assume that they are not throwing this money into trash.

Now you have the first mover advantage. The first thing you actually can do about it is checking your competition’s Facebook Pages and analyzing their ads. How do they talk about themselves? How do they speak to customers? Which words are they using to sell? How many different styles of ads they use? This is a true knowledge mine, so dig into it.


The only question now is: why Facebook decided to go for a full transparency? We’re guessing that it can be related to the fact of facing many problems after Cambridge Analytica affair and Mark Zuckerberg being questioned by US Congress. Ever since then, they tried to focus more on the transparency of their work. Now we will know who runs which ads. According to Facebook’s news, they are doing it because “giving people more information about any organization and the ads it’s currently running will mean increased accountability for advertisers, helping to prevent abuse on Facebook”.

That’s all good for Facebook. YOU can use this to make more money and get more customer attention to your business, though.

Feel free to ask us about it. After all, we told you first. 😉