roi from consulting casbeg

Oftentimes, before we start cooperating with clients at Casbeg, we hear a question: “After what time will I notice the impact of cooperating with Casbeg on our sales and marketing?“. This post is here to answer this question in a detailed manner.


Let’s start with the fact that in our system of cooperation we call our clients every week, recommending changes and amendments to the activities carried out in sales and marketing. Let’s assume that we will spend the first week of cooperation on making those first recommendations.


The next step is on the the client’s side – implementing recommendations can take from several hours to even weeks. Depending on what kind of recommendations you get from us, you should know that not all of them are to be implemented immediately. Clients are often just busy and this limits the possibility to start work quickly. A lot of different factors can affect the length of this step – maybe your page doesn’t have Google Analytics plugged in and it should be implemented. Or maybe you just need to change the form of sessions counting in Google Analytics, and you will immediately notice the conversion your page generates, which will directly impact suggested changes.

Marketing cycle

The next step on your path to achieving the result is the length of your marketing cycle, which is how long it takes you to generate a new lead. Here, considering the specifics of your company and your target customer, the process can take up to several weeks. Maybe the customer will be interested in your content on the website, sign up for the newsletter, and for the next weeks you will have to “warm them up” with subsequent content. Or maybe someone will simply recommend your product on their website, and the potential client will start the trial period immediately. You must take this into account in your sales funnel while waiting for results in the form of lead growth.

Sales cycle

There is one more step ahead of us – a key point in achieving the result on the way to the first invoice, ie. the sales process in your company. Let’s assume that it can take from 1 to 6 months and is an integral element of the financial result. At this point, of course, some of the leads fall off, and we must remember that we won’t be able to finalize the purchase with everyone.

  • If you are a large software house – the sales process will be very long – you can expect a lack of decision, many technical requirements and difficulties in making a decision regarding spending tens of thousands of zlotys.
  • The marketing agency will have it a little easier here – you have to be able to convince your client with your portfolio, reaction times, and the number of tasks that you will take to mitigate the company.
  • The shortest time of this process will be seen in SaaS selling quite a cheap product – if you describe your product and its possibilities well, and your demo or trial will dispel most doubts, then the talk with the seller and the decision should be taken quite quickly.

The best part

From this place, we only have half a step to invoice and payment (and obviously ROI), towards which we have been aiming from the very beginning.


The whole process takes up to 7 months in the longest possible form. However, this requires a comment: in the first place it’s worth remembering that our recommendations must be on point for your industry, and not all of them will work right away. We don’t mean to avoid responsibility, but only by observing the market – the same solution won’t work for everyone in a given industry, moreover, even in the same one, the ways to get leads or providing a service for them will not be the same.

The second thing worth mentioning is the implementation capabilities of your company and their correctness – if you act in accordance with our recommendations and implement them efficiently, then you can be sure that the financial result will improve. Unfortunately, as our experience shows, only 50% of cases allow us to combine time and technical issues in a way where implementation is quick and successful.

That’s why, if you plan to start a cooperation with us at Casbeg, you should know that you are able to observe the process results from the first days. Analytical effects and the amount of data you will be able to extract from your tools should also increase from the very beginning. Financial effects will not come immediately – they never do, but they will come.