Why developing the strengths of a team positively influences its efficiency?

One of the advantages of StrengthFinder, the method of development based on strengths created by the Gallup Institute…

By Dominik Juszczyk

Trapped in Your Own Company

Some time ago I asked a group of entrepreneurship students: what is the ultimate goal of…

By Paul Skah

Get to know the practical approach to sales analytics

Originally published in the Nowa Sprzedaż magazine in the May/June 2018 issue. Working with a client,…

By Bartosz Majewski

Would your customers recommend you?

The ultimate question. That’s right, it all sort of boils down to just one question. The long-term…

By Monika Kutowska

How to measure sales if you get less than 50 leads monthly

An hour of work of a good seller or marketer is expensive. That’s why it’s necessary…

By Jacek Bartczak

What to avoid while preparing a winning sales deck

The article is a continuation of Jacek Bartczak’s article which was published on our blog. It happens…

By Jacek Bartczak

Half a year with the company pricing policy

The article was originally published on LinkedIn in February 2018 by Franciszek Bazyli Georgiew in Polish….

By Franciszek Bazyli Georgiew

9-non selling activities, that stop your sales

When working with customers we see that what interrupts the growth of sales is the attitude…

By Jacek Bartczak

How to generate leads on Facebook?

The article was originally published on arturjablonski.com in Janurary 2018 by Artur Jabłoński in Polish. Many marketers…

By Artur Jabłoński

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