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Sales consulting

Sales stuck in place?

We’ll help you control sales in your business, develop a sales strategy, improve the sales process, and teach you to effectively plan action steps and analyze their results.

  • Sales strategy and process
  • Development of effective sales funnels
  • Sales process audit
  • Mystery shopping tests
  • Analysis of lost sales opportunities
  • Sales training
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Marketing consulting

Marketing isn’t bringing leads?

We’ll make your marketing activities translate into business results, audit current and plan the direction of future activities, improve analytics and show you ways to generate more leads.

  • Marketing activities strategy
  • Advertising campaigns audit
  • Indicating effective methods of obtaining B2B leads
  • Increasing the team’s efficiency
  • Marketing processes development
  • Data analysis
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Customer success

Don’t know how to keep your clients for longer?

We’ll teach you how to manage customer retention and test their satisfaction, identify the causes of customer churn, streamline processes and train your team. As a result, we’ll eliminate mistakes that cause customers to leave.

  • Customer retention management
  • Creating and improving the customer service process
  • Survey of service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Shortening the time of customer service
  • Team competences development
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Looking to hire an experienced salesperson or marketer (and check their skills)?

We’ll help you find a great specialist who fits the rest of the team and convince them to work with you. We also recruit managers and build entire teams, operating on the basis of our own extensive network and putting emphasis on the thorough verification of candidates’ skills.

  • Preparation of the candidate’s profile
  • Development of a commission model for a salesperson
  • Selection of the best candidates
  • Conducting job interviews
  • Verification of candidates’ skills
  • Onboarding plan
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B2B workshops

Do you want to extend your marketing, sales and customer service knowledge quickly?

We offer dedicated training and workshops, preceded by an interview and analysis of the existing situation – thanks to that we can provide you with exactly the knowledge you need. We conduct workshops using the design thinking approach, and our trainers are experienced practitioners who advise board members on a daily basis.

  • Workshop: developing a business model for a service / product
  • Workshop: developing a value proposition and competitive advantages
  • Content marketing workshops
  • Lead generation training
  • Sales training
  • Marketing training
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E-commerce interim management

Need someone to handle your e-Commerce?

Interim Manager will organize and increase your online sales. It will improve the usability of the store, reduce the number of abandoned carts, develop a marketing plan and indicate which data bars you should keep your eyes on.

  • Online sales development
  • Coordination of external suppliers
  • Control of suppliers’ results
  • UX, technologies and in-store conversions analysis
  • The concept for paid campaigns, incl. Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Setting and controlling the team’s goals
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We get the most satisfaction out of seeing our everyday work bring measurable results for our clients

Monika Mikowska
I like thinking about Casbeg as a personal trainer in the business. Thanks to them I am taking great care on sales and marketing every single week. Although I am a CEO who’s originated from these two fields, I love being double-checked by them and let them look at hands of mine and my team. They keep an eye on our every activity and give me extra confidence what to do and what not to do. My team has a great pleasure working with them, as Casbeg helps to improve their skills. I am glad that we have an opportunity to work with Casbeg and hope this will last long!
Monika Mikowska, Mobee Dick
Petr Svoboda
We appreciate that Casbeg provides us valuable consultations on strategical to operational levels. Casbeg helps us with implementing and enhancing sales processes among salespeople, marketing specialists, and the product team.
Petr Svoboda, Shopsys
Tom Sieroń
Casbeg team has helped me systematize sales and marketing in Netkata. From a perspective of 8 months of cooperation, I can honestly recommend them.
Tom Sieroń, Netkata
Szymon Wiechrzycki
Casbeg helped me define points that need improvement in my company - our cooperation helped me organize the work of the sales department. Together, we have developed sales processes in such a way that the salesteam work better and the company operates more efficiently.
Szymon Wiechrzycki, Poltent
Borys Tomala
Lerta built its brand on cooperation with large energy groups, of which there are only a few in Poland. During the first years of activity as a selling president, I established relationships with decision-makers in corporations through my network and industry events, and the size of the market (in terms of the number of potential customers) didn’t require us to implement a scalable, orderly process.  Entering the broad B2B market, we were overwhelmed by the number of challenges — recruiting salespeople, designing cooperation rules and ensuring the right number of leads. At the time of cooperation with Casbeg, we had no marketing, which forced the salesman to look for leads on his own. It was also difficult to determine the status of sales opportunities by a chaotically managed CRM.  Casbeg experts have helped us design the process of obtaining leads from inbound and improve outbound activities. In addition, we migrated sales management to a new CRM, and Casbeg helped us increase our sales team and implement their operating and reporting rules. I can safely say that without Casbeg’s help we wouldn’t have implemented such an efficient process that generates an incomparably larger number of leads and sales. I strongly recommend working with this team!
Borys Tomala, Lerta
Monika Sacewicz
Casbeg has filled the market niche in supporting small and medium companies in the area of comprehensive marketing. This is an extremely successful idea that I really enjoy using. Consultants have the knowledge and experience that I can get in small doses suited to my company's needs.
Monika Sacewicz, Apex Net
Tomasz Muter
We appreciate Casbeg for setting specific goals in various fields (analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, conversions, SEO), insightful analytics, punctuality and sticking to the exact time of meetings as well as sending comprehensive summaries after each of them.
Tomasz Muter, Droids on Roids
Artur Ozierański
When I was working with Casbeg, I noticed most of all the professionalism, work organization and proactive attitude in every aspect of our cooperation. If we had a scheduled date for anything specific - delivering materials or having a meeting - it would always stay intact. Every arrangement and discussed point was always taken down in detail, and after each consulting session I would get a full and accurate summary.
Artur Ozierański, HoldApp
Matt Kurleto
Casbeg has helped us align marketing and sales efforts. That helped us generate more valuable leads and focus on the opportunities that are most valuable for us. The big thing is that they understand the whole process and provide you with a list of actionable steps that are applicable fast.
Matt Kurleto, Neoteric
Paweł Bykowski
Casbeg has greatly contributed to our development. Unexpectedly, their perceptions of what we should not have done were as valuable as the detailed, continuous feedback on what we should do. Thanks to cooperation with them, we obtained much more information and data. I will never look at sales and marketing again as separate.
Paweł Bykowski, Viscato
Maciej Krasowski
Despite our lack of time, Casbeg takes good care of efficient communication and supports us all time - we really appreciate it. Consultants are like a little angel on our shoulder that makes sure we do everything correctly and on time. We've never worked with anyone in such a model and are pleasantly surprised.
Maciej Krasowski, BinarApps
Mārtiņš Kažemaks
Our cooperation with Casbeg opened our eyes in the field of sales and marketing. We managed to prioritize the most crucial points in the process and now we know how to implement them
Mārtiņš Kažemaks, TopMedia
Kristaps Kalnins
Casbeg was helping us to adjust our internal and external processes regarding sales, marketing and team management. Each of Casbeg's recommendations was on point and approach was directed toward actual growth and improvements.Thanks to them, we already improved our sales process and conversion rate.
Kristaps Kalnins, Inspired Ecommerce
Darek Kociecki
Thanks to a comprehensive Casbeg Mystery Shopper analysis, we looked at our sales process with perspective, together we diagnosed areas for improvements in how our salespeople handle sales calls and we have addressed them. We’ve also received information about which elements of the process are performed correctly and how Neoteric presents itself among the competition. Thanks to this, our sales calls are more effective and better suited to our potential customers’ needs and we win more business.
Darek Kociecki, Neoteric
Bartosz Berliński
Casbeg team just knew how to help optimize processes in our company. The surprise was that most of their recommendations did not surprise us - sometimes you need someone from the side, who will push forward and systematize work on certain issues. When this happened in our cooperation, we began to see the effects almost immediately.
Bartosz Berliński, MaxROY
Kamil Kopka
Thanks to cooperation with Casbeg we have diagnosed our bottlenecks in business and improved the work of sales, marketing and customer service. As a result, it's easier to set priorities for organization's growth and focus on what is important in regards to this goal. We also monitor the effects of our actions more effectively.
Kamil Kopka, Wedding.pl
Jakub Kot
Casbeg helps us find bottlenecks and new potentials in Dealavo's ways of growing revenue. From the very first part of the customer acquisition process, through reviewing sales conversations, sales deck, e-mail copies to optimizing sales processes and suggestions on which parts we should focus more. Discussions about the most challenging aspects of acquiring clients helped us organize our sales efforts.
Jakub Kot, Dealavo
Piotr Guziur
I had a pleasure to work with Casbeg for several months. Great people, all professionals, really took care for our growth within sales and marketing. Always on time, always well prepared for each session, always actively looking for the best solutions for our problems. Working with Casbeg is a great pleasure and have a big impact on our growth. It is always smart to learn from the best in the field. Don’t wait. Call them quickly!
Piotr Guziur, Marketing Online
Rafał Bugajski
I ordered a mystery shopper test from Casbeg regarding our offer and sales service. The consultant conducted the test in a comprehensive way and described all aspects of the service order process in our company really well. It gave us a new look at how we sell our services and allowed us to discover things to improve. After introducing the proposed changes, the sales conversion of our leads increased immediately. I recommend experts from Casbeg.
Rafał Bugajski, Netlibre
Rafał Kondratowicz
Working with Casbeg is first and foremost a strong push for action and implementation. Thanks to their approach, changes began to take place faster, because together we established a clear action plan and a way to achieve our goals taking into account both prosaic and specialized matters.
Rafał Kondratowicz, Sempai
Robert Strzelecki
Casbeg's help has proved invaluable in finding candidates who will have sufficient competence to manage strategic areas in our companies. At the same time, they also had to be motivated enough to change their current employment situation. Each of the candidates recommended by Casbeg was heavily considered in the decision-making process and finally, a good share of them has been employed by us and successfully working to this day.
Robert Strzelecki, TenderHut
Sylwia Bil
What I think ensured the rapid success of this recruitment was the detailed screening, after which I had precise guidelines for who to contact and who is not worth it. I didn't waste time on any unnecessary lengthy meetings. I think that this is what distinguishes Casbeg — you don’t provide candidates like agencies (at least here it wasn’t the case), but you give very substantive feedback on the sent candidatures.
Sylwia Bil, Craftware
Wojciech Krawczyk
Thanks to cooperation with Casbeg, we have opened ourselves to completely new activities that previously seemed impossible to us. We carry out more tasks at the same time, which directly translate into increased efficiency in business. Constant support from Casbeg and our commitment meant that I gained a lot of new experience. Because of that I can recommend Casbeg’s services to anyone who also needs support in this area.
Wojciech Krawczyk, isprzęt.pl
Konrad Traczyk
Thanks to cooperation with Casbeg, we have regained control over the sales process by monitoring the results and properly analyzing the activities. We not only noticed the mistakes we made, but also developed a new model of commercial conversation and created marketing campaigns tailored to our customer's profile.
Konrad Traczyk, Hash FM
Karol Szczawiński
Meetings with Casbeg consultants are always an opportunity to broaden my perspective and find new points of reference. The recurring nature of their recommendations and post-implementation analysis reminds me not to drown in my current tasks. At the same time, Casbeg does not reinvent the wheel really, they suggest the mechanics rather than looking for new, better (and not proven) "ideas for".
Karol Szczawiński, Uszka w Barszczu
Krzysztof Gudowski
Working with Casbeg is going very well, everything is fine and as expected. At first I felt a bit lost, because the initial action plan was not known to me, but with time I realized it was actually intentional. At the moment, we operate freely on quarterly plans. Cooperation is a good motivator to implement process improvements and not postpone them. The materials we receive are of high quality, they can be confidently transferred to the Management Board.
Krzysztof Gudowski, Miquido
Łukasz Pach
Cooperation with Casbeg was a very valuable time for me and my company — knowledge transferred during our time together still pays off in the company. I am very pleased with the substantive level of consultation and valuable summaries that allow me to see the next steps and the progress of our work.
Łukasz Pach, ADream
Marta Dobrzańska
Cooperation with Casbeg means an intensive contact with people you can talk to as an equal, with a sense of humor and honesty. Casbeg's recommendations are always tailored to the current needs, and after each conversation we receive a summary with the most important information and tasks. Flexibility in the operation model and openness to all my suggestions, e.g. regarding the cooperation plan is also valuable. All questions or concerns are always promptly addressed.
Marta Dobrzańska, Great Digital
Michał Kliszczak
Cooperation with Casbeg turned out to be really helpful in implementing unconventional ideas at EACTIVE. Thanks to testing and implementing practical solutions, we can constantly improve our marketing and sales activities. Great knowledge and professionalism - thanks to them cooperation with Casbeg is pure pleasure.
Michał Kliszczak, Eactive
Michał Spinek
I work with a couple consultants from Casbeg. Each of them has specific skills and experience. What is worth mentioning is that all the planned work have always been done due to the schedule and consultants are very punctual. As the business owner with a really busy schedule, I really appreciate that! The communication is really easy. I can talk with guys not only through online meetings and e-mails but it's also easy to catch-up urgent matters on messenger. Really helpful!
Michał Spinek, Ultracoat
Patryk Jurgielewicz
Starting our cooperation with Casbeg was one of my best decisions while managing the company. Together we have improved both our sales process and lead generation methods significantly. It’s worth adding that throughout our cooperation I felt Casbeg’s commitment and motivation to get our business to 100% of its capabilities and the know-how we’ve got is going to be paying off for years to come.
Patryk Jurgielewicz, Mavaris
Joanna Drabent
Casbeg helped us discover a hidden potential in the way we generate leads and acquire clients. The fresh glance created new ideas and helped us find holes in our daily work. Together we discuss, prioritize and implement new improvements in our sales and marketing processes. Casbeg's consistency demonstrated how ideas should be implemented.
Joanna Drabent, Prowly
Kamil Czaja
I like working with Casbeg because I rarely have a chance to talk with so experienced specialists in marketing and sales.
Kamil Czaja, GoPackshot.com

Case Studies

Want to read more about our work?

How did we help the new head of sales increase the company’s revenues by 64%? Shopsys case study

Shopsys is a Czech software house located in Ostrava. It creates online stores for the biggest B2B & B2C sellers. During the cooperation, Shopsys’ revenues increased by 64%.

See the case study

Increased leads and new sales at Droids On Roids

The financial result of the first three months of 2019 surpassed management's estimates and the company ended the quarter with a profit balancing the losses that were generated in 2018.

See the case study

How to free your co-founder from selling? Case study BinarApps

Our cooperation continued with post-recruitment support in the onboarding of two new employees. Together we’ve prepared a 2-month onboarding plan with the applicable KPIs included on a timeline.

See the case study

Profitability and leads number increase in a company that implements websites — Fooz Case Study

Campaigns conducted in Poland resulted in an increase in the number of leads by 10% (2018 vs. 2019). Thanks to their better qualifications and efforts put into the team's competence development, the profitability of projects carried out in the country increased by 22%.

See the case study

How to find top executives for a growing company? Case study Tender Hut

Over several months, we have generated 10 applications for TenderHut, which translated into subsequent recruitment interviews. Ultimately, our efforts resulted in 3 out of the 10 presented candidates employed in the daughter companies of TenderHut.

See the case study

Chief Revenue Officer as Special Task Force Officer – Case study Craftware

As a result of our cooperation, the company has hired a person who had extensive experience in the industry in management positions along with highly developed competences in the field of marketing, sales and customer service, as well as foreign languages ​​proficiency and a lot of business contacts.

See the case study

Conversion and sales increase at Fresh Office

Thanks to cooperation sales in the second half of 2019 increased by 35% compared to the previous year. Also, sales effectiveness in Q4 increased by approx. 20% compared to the previous quarter.

See the case study

Increasing the effectiveness of the sales department by improving the order fulfillment process and communication with the client — isprzet.pl Case Study

After introducing the recommended changes, we noticed increased of sales by 35% in the second half of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018. Also, we obtained over 300 leads from the FB ads campaign at the average price per lead lower than PLN 5 and maintaining the qualified lead rate at about 90%

See the case study

The first salesman in space industry – Case study Scanway

We've helped Scanway hired the salesperson that generated a large number of new leads in the first months of work at the company, which effectively filled the sales funnel and then led to increased sales.

See the case study

The increase in generated leads and sales in MTA Digital

Thanks to the mystery shopping audit, we managed to find out who had trouble with the implementation of best practices and support the part of the team which needed extra attention. What's more, auditing the sales proposal allowed shortening the proposal creation time and making the proposals more visually and substantively attractive.

See the case study

The increase in revenues and number of transactions in Milano-eQ

The 10 months of Casbeg's cooperation with Milano-eQ led to 20-fold increase in the number of transactions in the shop – primarily due to the use of channels such as Google Ads and Ceneo as well as reducing the number of abandoned carts.

See the case study

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  • I spend money on marketing, and it doesn’t bring any leads!
  • I am the CEO – I should manage the business, not sell!
  • The company is not growing as fast as it should!
  • Customers are leaving me!
  • I feel like I’m losing control of the company…

This is just a part of the problems that business owners come to us with. Our task is not only to help overcome them, but also to diagnose those they have no idea about. Example? Sometimes bad sales are not due to a lack of leads, but because they get lost in the process.

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