Adapt the best marketing channels. Let your marketing go hand in hand with efficient sales.

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Make sure your sales team have access to fresh queries.  Select, analyze and choose.

Get the leads from new markets


Make sure you have the best performing sales team in whole industry. Check, test and expand your sales.

Enter the international market

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Our main focus is to help you win more clients by increasing sales and making sure your sales and marketing processes are well optimized.
Our consultants use a wide range of process analysis methods to check your CRM system, marketing campaigns and sales team performance.
We make sure to choose the methods that match your business capabilities.
We not only give you valuable recommendations, but also control the implementation.


  • Casbeg has contributed a lot to our growth. Suprisingly, their insights on what we shouldn't do were just as valuable as detailed continous feedback on what we should. We've gotten much more scrappy and data oriented thanks to working with them. I will never look at sales and marketing as separate again.
    Paweł Bykowski
    Paweł Bykowski CEO, Founder of Viscato
  • Casbeg has helped us align marketing and sales efforts. That helped us generate more valuable leads and focus on the opportunities that are most valuable for us. The big thing is that they understand the whole process and provide you with a list of actionable steps that are applicable fast.
    Matt Kurleto
    Matt Kurleto Neoteric
  • When I was working with Casbeg, I noticed most of all the professionalism, work organization and proactive attitude in every aspect of our cooperation. If we had a scheduled date for anything specific - delivering materials or having a meeting - it would always stay intact. Every arrangement and discussed point was always taken down in detail, and after each consulting session I would get a full and accurate summary.
    Artur Ozierański
    Artur Ozierański HoldApp
  • Casbeg helped me define points that need improvement in my company - our cooperation helped me organize the work of the sales department. Together, we have developed sales processes in such a way that the salesteam work better and the company operates more efficiently.
    Szymon Wichrzycki
    Szymon Wichrzycki Poltent