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Sales consulting

Are your sales struggling?

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We will help you with everything that concerns sales – developing a strategy, improving processes, and introducing measures. Let us teach you how to plan actionable steps and analyze their results. 

  • Sales strategy and process
  • Development of effective sales funnels
  • Sales process audit
  • Mystery shopping tests
  • Analysis of lost sales opportunities
  • Sales training
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Marketing consulting

Your marketing not generating enough leads?

doradztwo dla firm b2b konsulting casbeg

We will impove your marketing activities and make sure they boost your business results. We will start with an audit and carefully plan future activities based on the gathered data and analysis. Conscious decisions bring quality leads sooner. 

  • Marketing activities strategy
  • Advertising campaigns audit
  • Indicating effective methods of obtaining B2B leads
  • Increasing team efficiency
  • Marketing processes development
  • Data analysis
Want your marketing to bring better results?

Customer success

Don’t know how to keep your clients for longer?

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We will teach you how to manage customer retention and test their satisfaction, identify the causes of customer churn, streamline processes and train your team. We will eliminate mistakes that cause customers to leave.

  • Customer retention management
  • Creating and improving the customer service process
  • Survey of service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Shortening customer service time
  • Team skills development
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Looking to hire an experienced salesperson or marketer (and check their skills)?

doradztwo dla firm b2b konsulting casbeg

We will help you find a great specialist who fits the rest of the team and convince them to work with you. We also recruit managers and build entire teams through our own extensive network and coduct a thorough verification of candidate’s skills.

  • Preparation of the candidate’s profile
  • Development of a commission model for a salesperson
  • Selection of the best candidates
  • Conducting job interviews
  • Verification of candidate’s skills
  • Onboarding plan
Need help finding a great employee?

B2B workshops

Want to quickly extend your marketing, sales and customer service knowledge?

doradztwo dla firm b2b konsulting casbeg

We offer tailor-made training and workshops. We provide clients with the knowledge and precise recommendations they need. Our workshops are conducted in the Design Thinking approach by experienced practitioners who advise board members on a daily basis.

  • Workshop: developing a business model for a service/product
  • Workshop: developing a value proposition and competitive advantages
  • Content marketing workshops
  • Lead generation training
  • Sales training
  • Marketing training
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E-commerce interim management

Need help handling your e-Commerce?

doradztwo dla firm b2b konsulting casbeg

An Interim Manager will organize and increase your online sales. They will improve the usability of the store, reduce the number of abandoned carts, develop a marketing plan, and indicate which data bars you should keep your eyes on.

  • Online sales development
  • Coordination of external suppliers
  • Control of supplier results
  • UX, technologies, and in-store conversion analysis
  • Paid campaigns cioncept (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, marketplace ads)
  • Setting and controlling the team goals
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The measurable results of our clients provide us with the greatest satisfaction.

I like thinking about Casbeg as a personal trainer in the business. Thanks to them I am taking great care on sales and marketing every single week. Although I am a CEO who’s originated from these two fields, I love being double-checked by them and let them look at hands of mine and my team. They keep an eye on our every activity and give me extra confidence what to do and what not to do. My team has a great pleasure working with them, as Casbeg helps to improve their skills. I am glad that we have an opportunity to work with Casbeg and hope this will last long!

Monika Mikowska
Monika MikowskaMobee Dick

We appreciate that Casbeg provides us valuable consultations on strategical to operational levels. Casbeg helps us with implementing and enhancing sales processes among salespeople, marketing specialists, and the product team.

Petr Svoboda
Petr SvobodaShopsys

Casbeg team has helped me systematize sales and marketing in Netkata. From a perspective of 8 months of cooperation, I can honestly recommend them.

Tom Sieroń
Tom SierońNetkata

Case Studies

Want to read more about our work?

The new Head of Sales increased the company’s revenues by 64%. Shopsys case study

Shopsys is a Czech software house located in Ostrava. It creates online stores for the biggest B2B & B2C sellers. During the cooperation, Shopsys’ revenues increased by 64%.

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Increased leads and new sales at Droids On Roids

The financial result of the first three months of 2019 surpassed management's estimates and the company ended the quarter with a profit balancing the losses that were generated in 2018.

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How to free the co-founder from selling? BinarApps case study

Our cooperation continued with post-recruitment support in the onboarding of two new employees. Together we’ve prepared a 2-month onboarding plan with the applicable KPIs included on a timeline.

Read the case study

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We solve the problems our clients know about – and the ones they haven’t even thought of

  • I hit a wall, and I don’t know how to increase my sales!
  • I spend money on marketing, and it doesn’t bring any leads!
  • I am the CEO – I should manage the business, not sell!
  • The company is not growing as fast as it should!
  • Customers are leaving me!
  • I feel like I’m losing control of the company.

This is just a small sample of the problems business owners come to us with. We not only help them overcome their problems, but also diagnose those they don’t realise they have.  For instance, sometimes bad sales are not due to a lack of leads, but because they get lost in the process.

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